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28 Dec 2007 08:32 am

so very sorry


it's Christmas, I finally got a working scanner, a flat bed, so I'll be able to update immediately now... one problem, I've got to install photoshop, my computers don't like it(getting it second hand from a friend was a bad idea T-T), I can make do for now, but I'm in the market for a different art editing program, really, I just need something that can insert text and is more advanced than paint, after that, it's all icing on the cake, so if you have any suggestions, please PM me.

Anyway, I'll reinstall the damn thing on the computer that is now hooked up to the scanner, Shadownova, my baby, will no longer be my base computer for this comic, since emails corrupt the image, my flash drive is too small, and I abso-freaking-lootly refuse to network my gaming computer.

Updates tomorrow, feel free to riot infront of my house if I don't.

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